October '17: Rick Klu

Rick Klu is an underground artist, living, of all places, six feet above ground.

Klu is a Renaissance man in many ways. He is not a Doctor, although he has played some on TV. As well as detectives, lawyers, office slobs, uniform cops, and all sorts of shady characters. Klu is known for his art, acting, film making, and all manner of professional pranksterism. A bona fide Chigarian, member of the Mystic Sons of Morris Graves, Jaks Team brother, and honorary member of several secret societies. He believes in the power of love and wants you to, as well. This limited edition T-shirt was designed the old fashioned way, by hand, with pen. No pre-drawing with pencil, no digital illustration. Just good old, hand drawn imagery, done while sitting at a bar... Intellectualism is not dead, as far as he is concerned.

Website: Rick Klu can be found by running into him accidentally... So watch out, holmes!