Mad Mysterious Grab Bag Tees

SKU: GB001

Introducing the Mad Mysterious Concuss Grab Bag! Each order will receive a random shirt of our choice. Look at this promotion as a way to either get some rare Concuss gear or at least a better price on a current design than you'd find elsewhere on our site. Any Grab Bag sold will have a retail value of $15-$30. Ordering multiple grab bag items might land you even fresher, rarer gear.

Here are the simple rules: Choose a quantity and size in which you'd like your Mystery Tee(s) and based on what we have in stock you will receive a randomly selected shirt from a pool of designs that includes our currently available products as well as a bunch of super-secret discontinued or unreleased items. Some of these shirts are past designs that are no longer available for purchase, shirts we made for fun and never intended to sell or shirts that we released as limited promotions whose time has run out.

None of our shirts suck so don't worry about getting anything wack in the mail. And no, the Question Mark shirt in the photo above does not exist! I'm not going to send our Olympia shirt to anyone in Boston, but if you live in Olympia you just might get one. I'll use my best common sense to avoid sending Beacon Hill shirts to Wisconsin or SEA shirts to Newfoundland. $5 Holla designs are also omitted from inclusion in this promotion because come on, that just wouldn't be fair.

We're doing this as a thank you to our supporters and also as a means to get rid of certain items we are overstocked in odd sizes. Some orders may include a free shirt in addition to your Grab Bag shirt if you wear the right size. Expect this deal to only last a short period of time and eventually vaporize in front of your eyeballs.

Feel free to include a comment in your order listing Concuss gear that you already have so that we may try and avoid sending you duplicate items but please don't make any requests beyond this. You'll ruin the surprise and take all of the fun out of this legit ass promotion I've put together!