June '17: DumpLaRock


As a brand new month commences and the possibility of global collapse looms larger than ever, Concuss proudly presents it’s Featured Artist for this, the month of June, in the year of our lord 2017.

Adam Dumper, aka Dumperfoo aka DumpLaRock is a longtime friend of the fam, but more importantly, an influential PHX hiphop/art scene fixture (we don’t say ‘tastemaker’ over here, homie)—a SW factor, now making his home in the wet PNW. His limited tee, designed exclusively for Concuss, is accordingly as lush as a plate of steak bites at the Acropolis and every bit as colorful as springtime in the AZ desert.


Dumper started out as a graphic designer just out of high school in 1991. He's kept his paint-splattered fingers dipped in the Arizona hip-hop mix for most of the past 26 years. Besides shepherding the longest running event in Arizona (The Blunt Club) through a half-dozen different venues since 2002; Dumper's also been involved with landmark bboy/grafitti crews (Furious Styles, Famous Strangers), helped promote influential club nights (Motown on Mondays , Wu-Tang Wednesdays), adorned canvases at a slew of hip-hop events worldwide, and with interconnected backpack-rap ensembles The Insects and Drunken Immortals on tour and on stage. While his collaborators rap, Dumper works a canvas onstage, creating art in real time, adding an expressive visual element to the music.


His role in stylizing the visual element of Phoenix hip-hop has earned him the love of his peers. Dumper recently made the Pacific Northwest his new home and is working on bringing events and art to the city of Portland and beyond; this is a new beginning...

Check out more of Dumper's work on his Instagram page @dumplarock