February '18: Shria Pinon


This month’s featured artist is Shria Piñon, an “Arizona Desert fox living and working in the Pacific Northwest.” Do you know how much shit in the Arizona desert is there to kill you? You ever had a scorpion pop up in your bathroom sink? Ever turned a corner and found a bunch of funky-ass javelina by your trash cans? Also, there are plants LITERALLY COVERED IN SPIKES, EVERYWHERE. Fuck the fjords and burning churches, this is the most metal place on earth. Naturally, folks from that side of the time tend to come a little thicker skin, hence this design made exclusively for Concuss called “Smolder”—featuring homechick putting out a square on her tongue, which I do not recommend doing with menthols.

IG: @knotty.fox

Facebook: Knotty Fox